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Bhai Mani Singh was a Kamboj

Bhai Mani Singh gave away his life for protecting the principles of Sikhism. He was implicated in a false case and later condemned to be cut to pieces, limb by limb. If wish to know more about him, just go through a book written by London-based Punjabi, Jeewan Parkash Singh Deepak Mahrok. He has done research on Bhai Mani Singh – a scholar well versed in Sikh scriptures and Sikh philosophy.

Mr Mahrok in his book has claimed that the Kamboj community should feel honoured that a person of Bhai Mani Singh’s calibre belonged to them. Giving details, he has asserted that Bhai Mani Singh Kamboj was born on February 6, 1672, at Hansomajra village in Karnal district. He was not married and died at Lahore at the age of 66.

Source: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030505/cth1.htm

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