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Kambojas of Dhot Gotra (clan) Ruled in Punjab

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It is evident from the history of Punjab that during 6th Century A.D. Punjab was under the rule of King Shree Ram who belong to Dhot Gotra (Sub-Caste) of Kamboj caste. Shree Ram Dhot founded many township, colonies, forts, palaces and canals near the Multan which was his Capital. He founded “Khotewal Empire” near to Multan in the memory of his son Khota Ram. The remains(ruins) of forts and palaces Tibbs Ang Paul and Amarpura on the east side of Multan are still exists. Prince Ang Paul the eldest son of King Shree Ram Dhot was his successor and ruled the Multan province.
At the end of seventh century A.D., King Mahi Pal Dhot was a descendent of King Shree Ram Dhot ,and the ruler of Multan and Khotewal Empire, King Mahi Pal had two wives and one of them was a daughter (Kangna Brahm) of his minister Maha Panch Rattan who belonged to Rattanpal Gotra of Kamboj community. Her name was Kangna Brahm . Maha Panch Rattan Rattanpal was from Tehsil Chunia Town of District Lahore.

From this queen, the King had a son Prince Maha Chawra and a daughter . His second wife was the daughter of King Dahir of Sindh, from this wife , he had eleven sons including Sudh Ram , Jor Ram and a daughter . With the order of King Mahi Paul, Maha Panch Rattan had constructed a big canal renamed Dhotwah from river Satluj for irrigation and drinking purpose. Beside this, he had also carried out many projects for the welfare of general public . After death of king Mahi Paul, his elder son Prince Sukh Paul had taken over the throne/kingdom.

After conquering the Sindh empire, Mohammed Bin Kasim invaded Multan in the year of 714 A.D. ,at that time Multan was under the rule of Kamboj king Sudh Paul. The younger brother of King Sudh Paul, Prince Mahachawra who was a brave and trained General fought the enemy tooth and nail and defeated Amaududin Mohammed Bin Kasim but after few days , Mohammed Bin Kasim again attacked . However the Kambojas army fought heroically for some days but were defeated . King Sukh Paul was arrested and was released after executing a political agreement with enemy Nawab with a condition to pay harjana, the entire battle expenditure, His younger step brother Prince Maha Chawra was handed over to Mohammed Bin Kasim as Jamanti till the returning of entire battle expenditure but King Sudh Paul miserably failed to return the demanded money. However, later on Prince Mahachawra was produced in the court of Khaleeba HazratMohammed Bin Abdul Aziz and was forcibly converted to islam and was named as Hazrat Dewan chawali Mushaik Rahimtula and his sister Kangna Brahm had also embraced Islam but he was murdered in the age of thirty years by the angry people and his relatives in the year of 732 A.D.his sister Kangana Brahm committed suicide.

After the murder of Hazrat Dewan chawali Mushaik Rahimtula, the angry Nawab of multan attacked Kamboj republics of Khotewal and after fierce fighting was captured.

Thousands of terrorized Kamboj people also had to leave their ancestral homes, property had gone underground and moved to other parts of the country under pressure from Muslim invaders and thus took away their kingdom. This was the end of rule of Dhot Gotra Kamboj clan.

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