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Maharaja Sudakshina Kamboja

Sudakshina Kamboja is the third king of the Kambojas referred to in the Mahabharata. And is also the most referenced of all the Kamboja kings in the whole Mahabharata and most illustrious warrior of the Kambojas of Epic Age.

Kamboj traditions and Sudakshina

According to the traditions of the Kamboj community passed on to it from its ancestors, a certain king Sodakhsh (Sudakshina) is believed to have descended from the line of god Chander Burman of remote Ancient antiquity|antiquity.

It is apparent that the Chander Burman of Kamboj traditions is same as the great Asura prince Chandravarma Kamboja who finds reference in the Adiparava section of Mahabhara.

Physical Characteristics of Sudakshina

Physically, Sudakshina Kamboj is described as very tall, gaura- varna and extremely handsome (sudarshaniya) young prince. He is stated to be very fierce, brave, intelligent and illustrious warrior in the battlefield.

Sudakshina at Abhisheka ceremony of Yudhisthra

Sudakshina was present at the consecration ceremony (abhisheka) of king Yudhishtra and had presented him a chariot with white Kamboja horses, yoked to it (MBH 2.53.5).

:Sudakshinasta.n yuyuje shvetaih Kambojajairhayaih || 5 ||

Sudakshina at Draupadi’s Swayamvara

According to epic evidence, Sudakshina Kamboj had participated in the Swayamvara of Draupadi, the princess of Panchala.

Sudaksinaz.ca.Kambojo.drdha.dhanvaa.ca.Kauravah. ||MBH 1.185.15||

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