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The History of Dhot Gotra

Kamboj Community has been divided into two broad divisions of Gotras/Clans (Sud-Castes): 52 (Bawan) Gotras and 84 (Chaurasi) Gotras thus total 136 Gotras in all but in actual practice, the number of gotras appears to be more than 136.

Dhot Gotra is one of them and is the most prominent clan name found among Kamboj people living in all states of Northern India and in Marathas of Maharashtra. The Dhot Gotra Kambojas have earned great name in agriculture, military, and business. Earlier Dhots were having Multan & Khotewal their big empires/kingdoms from 674 to 714 A.D. in Punjab. King Shree Ram, King Khota Ram, king Ang Paul, King Mahi Paul, Prince Mahachawr (Later after embracing Islam Hazrat Dewan Chawli Mushaik Rahimtula) and King Sudh Paul were very famous kings among them. S Lal Singh former Finance , Planning, Co-operation, Power, Irrigation, Food & Supply Minister of Punjab who has won assembly election five times from Dakala in 1977, 1980, 1992, 2002 & 2007 is one of the well known Dhot of the recent past. He is a senior most Congress Party Leader and also the Vice President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Party. Dhots are numerously found as Hindus, Sikhs and the Muslims.

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