Hazrat Shaikh Alamsayakh Makhdoom Samayuddin Kamboh

Hazrat Shaikh Alamsayakh Makhdoom Samayuddin Kamboh was born in 1405 AD in Multan, now in Pakistan. His father Maulana Shaikh Fakhrudin was a venerable religious leader of that period. Makhdoom Shaikh Samayuddin was the royal spiritual adviser or Pir, first to emperor Behlol Lodhi, and later to Sikandar Lodhi. He commanded the greatest respect amongst the entire Muslim spiritual and religious leaders of his time. The Mazar of Hazrat Shaikh Samayuddin is located in Delhi where the Zubairies of Panipat used to assemble every year for offering Fateha in pre-independence days.


Hazrat Shaikh Abdullah Biyabani Kamboh

Hazrat Shaikh Abdullah Biyabani Kamboh was the son of Hazrat Shaikh Alamsayakh Makhdoom Samayuddin Kamboh. For some reason, he got disillusioned with the emperor of Delhi and retired to a life of seclusion. For eighty summers and eighty winters of his life, Shaikh Biyabani lived in seclusion, in the forests among the wild and ferocious animals, doing the bandagi of Allah. All these years he fed himself only on roots, fruits and leaves of the forest trees. He was dedicated Nimajee and performed five Namaz (Salat) a day, without exception, and also did one complete reading of the Holy Quran every day, but never without having taken showers. He lived over a hundred years of age. It is also stated that he got endowed with some supernatural powers.

Shaikh Nasiruddin Delhvi

Shaikh Nasiruddin Delhvi was the second son of Hazrat Shaikh Alamsayakh Makhdoom Samayuddin Kamboh, he was a teacher, educationist and a distinguished scholar of the Shariyat. He occupied the office of Shaikh-ul-Aslam from the times of Sikandar Lodhi till Mughal emperor Babar.

Shaikh Abdul Gafoor alias Ladan Khan

Shaikh Abdul Gafoor was the son of Shaikh Nasirudin Kamboh. A renowned scholar and philosopher himself, numerous of his students also turned out to be great scholars and educationists.

Nawab General Abu Muhammad Khan

Nawab General Abu Muhammad Khan grandson of Shaikh Abdul Gafoor. He was an influential courtier of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and later of Aurangzeb. He held a mansab of 1400 and had conquered Hoogly Bandar for the Crown. He constructed one fort in Meerut which is still called after his name. He also established one village called Abu Muhammad Pur after his name. Besides, he also raised many works of public utility including the water pools, inns, mosques and irrigation canals.

Mufti Jamal Khan Kamboh

Mufti Jamal Khan Kamboh was the second son of Shaikh Nasiruddin and brother of Shaikh Abdul Gafoor. He remained Mufti (Judge) of Delhi during the reigns of Sikandar Lodhi, Babur, Humayun and Sher Shah Suri and died in 1582 AD at the age of 90. He used to deliver Khutabas and never paid visits to the emperor or the nobles. Rather, he always kept company with the respectable magistrates, scholars and intellectuals. Numerous of his students also became great intellectuals and scholars (Muntakhabhu-I-Tawarikh, Al-Badaoni, Ed Wolseley Haig, Vol III, 1973, p 123-24)

Shaikh Fateh Allah

Shaikh Fateh Allah was also a noted scholar and was greatly respected by the emperors from Sikandar Lodhi through Sher Shah Suri and the other high-ranking officers, courtiers and nobles. He was the son of Shaikh Nasiruddin and grandson of respected Hazrat Shaikh Alamsayakh Makhdoom Samayuddin Kamboh.

Shaikh Is-haaq Kamboh

Shaikh Is-haaq Kamboh was the brother of Hazrat Shaikh Alamsayakh Makhdoom Samayuddin Kamboh. Shaikh Is-haaq was Malak-Alamsayakh v Alhalama according to the evidence furnished by Shaikh Jamali. He was a great scholar of Islam and of Asgar-i-Mahrfat.

Shaikh Yahya Khan Kamboh

Shaikh Yahya Khan Kamboh was bestowed the rulership of Aligarh by the Delhi emperor which stayed with his descendants for a long time. One of his descendants, Muhammad Sayeed Khan, a Jagirdar of Kol (Aligarh), held a high rank in the army under Shah Jahan. His son Muzzahar Khan remained deputy-governor of Kashmir and Agra. Many of his descendants also occupied very high civil and military ranks during the Mughal rule.

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