Kom People of Afghanistan

The Kom or Kam is a Nuristani people and the Nuristani tribe in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The most used alternative names are Kamozi, Kamoz/Camoze, Caumojee/Kaumoji, and Camoje.<ref>M. Elphinstone, George Robertson, Richard Strand).</ref>{{full citation needed|date=March 2019}}


Until the late 19th century, the Kom were a sub-group of the Siah-Posh Kafirs (“black-robed unbelievers”) and their political (factional) headquarters was at Kombrom. They gave allegiance to the Mehtar (title)|Mehtar (crown prince) of Chitral (princely state)|Chitral. At that time, following their conquest by Emir Abdur Rahman Khan, the Kom converted to Islam. Kafiristan (“Land of Unbelievers”) was renamed Nuristan (“Land of Light”) and its inhabitants became collectively known as Nuristani people|Nuristanis (sometimes loosely translated as “enlightened ones”).

By the end of the 19th century, the Kom were concentrated in the lower part of the Bashgul Valley and came to control it.<ref>George Scott Robertson</ref>{{full citation needed|date=March 2019}} Hence the valley became also known as Kam,<ref>George Scott Robertson</ref>{{full citation needed|date=March 2019}}, Kamdesh in the Khowar language, and as Kamoz in Pashto language|Pashto.{{cn|date=March 2019}} The country of the Kom is also known as Komstan.{{cn|date=February 2020}}

While they have never regarded as numerous, the Kom have been respected for their military prowess by neighboring peoples, including the Chitralis and Pashtun people|Pashtuns.{{cn|date=February 2020}}

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