Rai Bansi Das Kamboh

Bansi Das Kamboh was a minister in the jury of Darbar-i-Akbari and was very close to Nawab General Shahbaz Khan Kamboh. Amir Alamara Khan Zaman-i-Shaibani and his brother Bahadhur Khan-i-Shaibani who held mansabs of 5000 under Akbar rose in rebellion against the Crown which move was crushed by Akbar with the help of Shahbaz Khan. Khan Zaman-i-Shaibani was killed in the fight. General Bahadhur Khan-i-Shaibani was arrested and was handed over to Shahbaz Khan Kamboh and Rai Bansi Das Kamboh. According to Aina-i-Akbari of Abu-al-Fazal Alami, General Bahadhur Khan-i-Shaibani was executed by Shahbaz Khan Kamboh and Rai Bansi Das Kamboh in compliance of orders from emperor Akbar. But according to Tarikh-i-Farishta (Part I, p 710), General Bahadhur Khan-i-Shaibani, being considered a threat to the empire, was executed without waiting orders from the Emperor.

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